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The webinar was wonderful! It was so freeing to name the negative parts of our thinking and to have a system for overcoming them.

Webinar feedback

Thank you so much for this webinar.  I consider Larry the expert for MLC as he explains in such a relatable way.

And some of the questions today were similar to my own experience. Somehow knowing others experience the same things brings a light at the end of the tunnel.

Webinar feedback
  • Midlife Crisis Success Story: Lisa and Craig
    Midlife Crisis Success Story: Lisa and Craig

    Listen to Larry Bilotta interview Lisa, one of his Environment Changer success stories. Lisa's husband was having an affair and in the midst of a midlife crisis. Listen to how she turned it all around without her husband's participation!


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Comprehensive Online Course Referenced in Larry Bilotta's Q&A Resource Above

Shorten Your Husband's Midlife Crisis

You can participate in this comprehensive online course without your husband's participation. With the option of taking the live or home study course track, you’ll learn how to eliminate negative emotions, win your spouse’s heart back and restore your marriage – even after a divorce has been filed.

Eliminate your negative feelings seconds, transform yourself from the inside out, and attract your husband like no other man.

The reason you’ll accomplish so much through this program is because your nervous system is filled with a mix of negative, neutral or sometimes positive energy.

Once you learn what this course teaches, your nervous system will be filled ONLY with positive energy and that’s how the benefits of the course are created. Just 42 minutes throughout the day, using the tools and understanding of this course, you will turn your life around in these very specific ways.

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Get instant access to this downloadable course that is delivered electronically online.

What a Midlife Crisis REALLY Is

Discover the men at highest risk, learn what causes a midlife crisis and how long will it last, classic phrases of a Chaos Kid man, and why you should NOT listen to what he is saying.

What to Do – What Not to Do

Learn how to protect your kids from the chaos, gain insight on what to do if your husband wants you to leave the house, what to do if he is having an affair, learn how to act around your husband when the tension is high, and discover the critical, yet common mistakes to avoid.

What to Expect During and After It's Over

Learn the 6 stages of a midlife crisis: what to expect from your husband, find the quickest path to get through a midlife crisis, learn the 7 phases of winning your husband back, how to anticipate the end of a midlife crisis and much more!

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Hardcover Book and Audio Course Shipped To Your Home

Stop Dwelling On Bad Thoughts

How to get rid of that “little voice in your head” that tells you you’re never good enough.

Put An End to Self Sabotage

How to overcome the "self-destructive programs" that cause you to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Get The Respect You Deserve

How to get others to respect you for who you are so you can be yourself...without feeling like you're trying to become a different person.

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