How to Survive Your Spouse's Midlife Crisis

You’ve left the world of logical thinking and entered into the land of blaming, accusations, emotional, and physical chaos.

Learn why this is happening and how long it will last, along with time-tested and proven strategies to respond, act, and cope - even after a divorce has been filed.

Unlocking the Midlife Crisis

Understanding the "Chaos Kid" Phenomenon

Watch this informative free, 37-minute class that demystifies midlife crisis and the little-known connection between "Chaos Kids" and childhood.

Presented by marriage and relationship expert Larry Bilotta, you'll discover the Chaos Kid Phenomenon and what to do when your spouse has entered a midlife crisis and no longer resembles the person you married.

Here's what you'll learn in this FREE online class:

  • 2 simple rules that if broken, can sabotage your marriage and put you on the fast track to divorce.
  • How to make sense of what a midlife crisis REALLY is
  • The 5 rules of a "Chaos Kid"
  • The one thing to focus on that can help you weather this storm

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