The Pay It Forward Project

Each day, our marriage strategy coaches speak with men and women whose marriages are in a state of crisis.

And often, they encounter many people who have all the qualities of a great Environment Changer student, but they are in a financially weakened condition because of their broken marriage.

That's why for the month of December, we are introducing the Pay It Forward Project as a way to offer some much needed help for not only these men and women, but also other worthy causes and organizations.

How It Works

For every dollar you donate to charity of your choice, we match that amount in the form of a credit available to a potential Environment Changer student. For example:

  • If You donate $100, we credit a deserving student $100 toward their course enrollment.
  • If you donate $500, we credit $500 toward enrollment.

Our Way To Thank You

As our way of showing appreciation to you, you can receive a 25% discount off all programs below.

  • ALL Private Support and Psych-K Plans (save up to $672)!
  • Unraveling the Chaos Midlife Crisis Course (Save $24)
  • Marriage 101 (Save $185)
  • Momentum Club Enrollment (Save $127)
  • Softhearted Woman Hard World (Save $24)

How To Get Started

  • Donate

    Donate to your favorite charity or cause (minimum $50). This can be any non-profit organization, including GoFundMe.

  • Send Us the Receipt

    Forward the donation receipt to us. We will send you a promo code where you can receive a 25% discount off all of applicable support and programs listed above.

  • We Match Your Donation

    We will match your donation and apply the credit to a potential EC student nominated by our marriage strategy coaches.

Questions? Just contact us

We sincerely appreciate your interest in the Pay It Forward Project. With your support, this idea will gain momentum, and make a positive impact on families and charitable causes across the globe.