How To Survive Your Wife's Midlife Crisis

IMPORTANT: Nothing will be shipped to your home address at any time. This is a digital online course that you can access with your desktop PC or mobile device at any time.

How to survive your wife's midlife crisis

What you get in this digital course:

  • A 2 Hour Coaching Call Audio recording where Larry Bilotta walks you through “what if’s”, what to expect during a midlife crisis, why this is happening, how to protect your kids and more. This comprehensive coaching call is delivered as an MP3, so you’ll be able to listen on your phone or mobile device when you need inspiration.
  • The "Husbands: You've Been Warned" Guide that covers the key points you’ll need to remember to prevent everything you do from backfiring.
  • The Midlife Crisis Survival Kit includes the “When Will She Wake Up?” Timetable. This timetable will help you predict when your wife will wake up based on the 8 variables that determine the length of a midlife crisis.
  • When Will She Wake Up? Part 2: This resource will help you see your wife based on who she is at heart so you can better relate, connect and avoid ruffling feathers over simple personality differences.
  • The 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts to Live By "Cheat Sheet": You can print these important reminders out and keep this helpful resource in your desk at work or in a safe place at home to keep you focused on what you should be doing to avoid making mistakes that lead to more chaos.
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